My First Currently!

I am super excited to participate with Farley for my very FIRST currently! I love the month of June; summertime, sunshine, flip-flops, father's day, and traveling! The best part though...we are out of school in May, so June is a school-free zone! {Unless you agree to teach summer school, in which case you start back on the 22nd}. We shall see if that was a good move on my part...

Listening to "Country Man" by Luke Bryan: Whenever I listen to some good country music, I think about home (rural Michigan). It makes me feel closer to friends and family!

Loving the light: In August, we will be transplants to Alaska for FIVE years! I can't believe that it's been that long! I still love the late night light. I'm still not quite use to the early morning (3:30ish) light though. Thank goodness for curtains and blinds!

Thinking about a fairy house cleaner.... I think that since kiddos get tooth fairies when they lose their teeth, we should have fairy house cleaners when we lose our minds..... Just Sayin'!

Wanting to reconnect: It has been several years since we've seen friends from home. It's been too long. I can't wait to see them! Maybe we can even recreate this pyramid. Our kids will probably be trying to help this time around!

Needing to pack: Well, the first step is getting the laundry caught up so I can pack. Yep, I'm still behind in that department. But wait, I got the suitcases upstairs. That counts, right?!

Summer lovin': We have had ridiculously warm weather in Southeast Alaska so far this summer. I have worn my flip flops more in the past month, than I have in the past year. I am totally loving that the rain doesn't come back until after we are on the plane! Score!

Well, that's my first currently! Thanks for reading!

Until again, I wish you well.


  1. My "loving" is the same as yours! I love how it stays lighter longer now - it is so nice! I could totally get on board with having a fairy house cleaner. Or a nose like Samantha in BeWitched that we could twitch and things would just get done. :) I love how your included pictures in your currently by the way! I hope you have a fun visit with your friends!

  2. Happy 1st Currently! I'm so glad I found your blog!
    I can't imagine all the daylight...I would thrive on it.
    Have a wonderful trip! Jen

  3. congrats on your first currently..
    hope to see you back next month