SMILE: TpT Sale and Wishlist Items!

Happy Sunday all! I've got three weeks {15} days before winter break. We CAN do this!

Teachers Pay Teachers is throwing a HUGE sitewide sale November 30th and December 1st! You can shop in my store and hundreds of others and SAVE big; 28% in my store!

Want to see what resources others are buying? Here are my top three wishlisted items in my TpT Store. Looking for more? Check out the linky party happening NOW over at Teaching in the Tongass.

The Superheroes Have Character product is one of my absolute favorite resources! Not only is it my number one wishlisted item, it's also my best seller. Includes posters, bookmarks, student book pages, awards, and goal setting pages. SNEAK PEEK: Purchase during the sale to save even bigger! The price will increase after I add the matching brag tags!!

I love the Superheroes Have Character product, but Plant the Seeds of Math Fact Fluency: Addition and Subtraction is the resource that I use EVERYDAY in my own classroom! My kiddos practice their math fact fluency at their individual level for 10 minutes everyday and then we take our quiz on Tuesday afternoons. They love it and they love getting their "seeds" on their watermelons! Oh, for more fun, I just added coordinating SEED EXPERT brag tags yesterday! I am beyond excited about showing those to my kiddos tomorrow!

My third top wishlisted item is another ALL TIME favorite resource of mine! All Sorts of Math Mats, is full of number bonds, place value charts, tens frames, double digit addition and subtraction mats, fact families, multiplication, and division... just to name a few! I have a blog post about using these mats that you can check out here: Regrouping? Is it the hardest thing ever to teach or does it just feel like it? My math mats resource was also featured on Teach Junkie's blog. Click HERE to go to that blog post!

Thank you so much for looking through my top THREE wishlisted items! I hope you found something that might make your teaching or prep-work a little easier. You can find all of these resources and much more (teach first grade Wonders?) in my TpT store. The link to my TpT store, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Bloglovin' are up top to the right of the page.

Have a wonderful two-day shopping spree! Remember to stock up on resources for January, too!

Until again, I wish you well!

Phonics Little Books with Miss Giraffe's Class

Happy Thanksgiving. I am so thankful that you are here!

It is so rewarding to see my kiddos eyes light up when they learn something new, especially in reading. There are so many phonics rules, word structures, and comprehension skills and strategies, that reading is very overwhelming too many young students. When they can read something, even better, when they fluently read a text, passage, or even a sentence, they get that feeling of pride and "I can do it" mindset. It's a powerful thing!

As a teacher, I feel that I need to bring in fun resources to make these other challenges a little less daunting. My go-to spot on TeachersPayTeachers is Miss Giraffe's Class, hands down! Check out her fantabulous blog here: Miss Giraffe's Class Blog!

One product that we use almost every week is My Little Phonics Books MEGA bundle {Year Long Set}. This set is made up of little, two-sided books for each of the phonics sounds that I teach in my first grade class. It's easy to prep, doesn't take a lot of paper, and most importantly, my students love these little books! The best part...... is that after they have written a sentence on each page, using the word at the top, they have a very simple book to take home and read. I love seeing Miss Giraffe's books on our weekly homework reading log!

When we start a new book, the expectations are:

1. Name on the line.
2. Flip through the book and read the word on each page and look at the pictures.
3. Think of a sentence using the word on the page.
4. Write your sentence in pencil, starting with a capital letter and ending with a period.
5. Write down all the sounds you hear.
6. Repeat the same process on the following pages.
7. Color with crayon and use more than one color on each page.
8. Turn in when completed or put in your catch-up spot when time is up.

You can snag my simple "Phonics Books Expectations" sheet by copying and pasting this link:

The next time you are looking for phonics ideas or resources, make Miss Giraffe's class your first stop. You won't be disappointed!

Until again, I wish you well!