Tape Art, Multiple Meanings, and Vegas Baby!

Wow, it's hard to believe that spring break is almost over for me! I am definitely using today as a day to catch-up on a few things. Let me rewind a bit....

At the beginning of March, my class completed a really cool masking tape art project. I found the idea on Pinterest (isn't that the best site EvEr?!) a few years ago and I've incorporated it into my class ever since. Check out the original pin here: HERE. Unfortunately, the link is dead but I want to give credit where credit is due! Anyway, they turned out fabulous! This year my kiddos were really able to identify what ring they wanted on the top, bottom, etc. They could figure out what lines to erase to create the linking rings! Oh and yeah, I took pictures!

Prep: a piece of white paper or any light colored paper, any size for each child, pencils, erasers, Sharpies, crayons, and a roll of masking tape for each student. These pieces will be proudly displayed at our school-wide art show on the 26th of the month.

We worked on a new product before spring break too! As part of our Reading Wonders curriculum, we were focusing on multiple meaning words. I wanted to create a booktivity to go along with multiple meaning words; hence the mini and mega book of multiple meaning words was born! Once assembled, students look at the picture and read the definitions. Then they circled the correct definition (2 were given) and write a sentence using the correct definition for each picture. My kiddos really enjoyed the activity. I think they enjoyed coloring when they were done even more! Oh and I took pictures of their books in action too!

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So, enough about school! Let's talk Vegas! I had a super girls weekend to Vegas. What a way to kick off spring break! Our first big thrill was seeing the Hoover Dam! Hot 'dam' that was mammoth! We had a tour of the PowerPlant, rubbed the feet of the angels (a local legend for good luck) and finished off with some super ice cream! That was an extraordinary sight to see. If you've never been, check it out the next time you head to Vegas!

We also went to the Cirque Du Soleil show "Zarkana". That was truly breathtaking! It was set in an abandoned theater where a forgotten world has come back to life. Oh and one of the most amazing things was that you COULD take photos!!! They didn't turn out the best, but it was still AwEsOmE!

We also spent time in the sun, shopping, eating, walking, slot machining, people watching and riding the city bus. Now that bus is entertainment in itself! Oh and a 24 hour pass for $8.00! There was a bargain to be found in sin city after all!

Thank you for following along on my latest adventures!
Until again, I wish you well!