A Special Send-off!

For the last three months, I have had a little girl in a wheelchair. She had been ice skating and somehow fell on her leg. The fall caused enough damage that she was in a thigh high cast for 6 weeks and needed to have some accommodations to manage the school day. So since spring break, she has been using a walker around the classroom {when she started using it the hallway, we found the tennis balls were leaving marks on the floor, so some apologizing to the custodial staff was in order} and slowly not even using that to get around the room. When her dad picked her up from school, one day, I told him that she wasn't really using the wheelchair anymore, but it didn't look like she was ready to give it up yet. He agreed. Hence, the wheelchair good-bye party was formed!

This little girl was very excited to have a send-off party for her wheelchair! She dressed-up for school on Friday and her family brought in treats. The mom congratulated the class on being such great helpers and so supportive during this challenging time for her daughter. This party was the high-light of my week and I'm sure hers too.

Here are some pics that we had of the party!

 It was so great hearing the rest of the class talk about why they would miss having the wheelchair or why they wouldn't miss it.
There were a variety of cards that I didn't take pictures of, but they included  feeling sad because they didn't get to sit in the chair or feeling happy that she would be able to go outside and play again.
 It was great to help this little girl make sense of the changes that were taking place and offer closure to our whole class. I can't wait to see her running around the playground again!
Until again, I wish you well :-)

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